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I/O monitoring


IoT Monitoring are very simple (single-purpose) products. Installation is easy, connect to the LAN, plug the power supply (insert battery) and stick it to the wall. IoT Monitoring products have to be connected to the portal ( for free or any SensDesk Technology portal from Portal Providers)

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Observe our IoT monitoring devices

Simple Devices for remote monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current, DI states / pulses, WLD sensing cable, and other sensors. LAN / WiFi connected SD-2xOut devices can also power or control external devices (Relay DO). There is one new device SD-4-20mA which is Simple Device with AI (Analog Input) for remote monitoring of external industrial sensors (4-20mA).

AI (Analog Input) to the portal (LAN and WiFi)

  • Analog Input can be reconfigured from 4-20 mA (default) to 0-20 mA

  • Connectivity: Ethernet and WiFi

  • Power: External adaptor 5V / PoE

  • Simple installation: DHCP, enabled

  • Embedded WEB server (WiFi setup, current loop 4-20 mA configuration)


4 external RJ11 sensors values to the portal (Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, ...). LAN and WiFi connectivity,

  • up to 4 sensors

  • connecting thermometers, humidity sensors

  • built-in web server and WiFi connectivity

  • e-mail alert whenever the specified range

  • SMS alerts


2x DI (Digital Input) for external door / smoke detectors, S0 counters. LAN and WiFi connectivity

  • 2 independent DI (Digital Inputs) which count pulses (S0 counter) to the Portal.

  • Device is connected to the portal via LAN / WiFi

  • Portal services: Graphs, PDF reports, Email & SMS Alerting, SNMP, XML Open API


2x DO (Relay Output) controlled from the portal. LAN and WiFi connectivity, I

  • Wired Ethernet as well as WiFi - 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)

  • Support for simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi operation (for easy setup)

  • 5V or PoE power

  • Simple installation, supports DHCP

  • Open API



1x Water Leak Detection zone (sensing cable) to the portal. LAN and WiFi connectivity

  • sensing cable detects as little as a few drops of conductive liquid

  • 1 WLD zone detection

  • up to 185 m total

  • SMS / Email alerts, PDF reports, and central device management


The NB-xxx family are IoT Monitoring Simple Devices for wireless remote monitoring using the NB-IoT
network. Devices can monitor external sensors of Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current, DI states /
pulses, WLD sensing cable, and other sensors. NB-2xOut can also control external devices (Relay DO).




All IoT Monitoring Devices have to be connected to any SensDesk Technology-based portal (SaaS) in order to work properly or Limited & Free portal Hwg-cloud.

The sensors you connect to the RJ11 port (1-Wire) or RJ45 port (RS-485) on the HW group monitoring device. The sensors provide a continuous value of, for example, -23.4 ° C or 32.7% RH.

HTemp sensors

Combined temperature and humidity probe for IT environment.

Humidity sensors

SensDesk Mobile is Android application used to display all your sensors on the screen of mobile device. Connect your IP sensors from HW group to the online portal

Water leak and sensing cables

The HW calibrator is used to set the shift calibration for sensors in devices connected via Poseidon units.

Power sensors

Application HWg-Upgrader allows mass firmware update/upgrade and configuration of HWg devices via Ethernet.

New Cloud base service




SensDesk Technology portals allow customers conveniently monitor the
environment in remote locations. Thanks to immediate alerting SensDesk Technology helps prevent costly damages from incidents that can occur in every facility.


What makes us different?

Where We Can Help

  • Rich and modular product ecosystem

  • Compatible with many SW solutions and protocols

  • Free SDK and Push protocol for 3rd party integration

  • 18 years of experience with monitoring devices

  • Strict quality control and compliance

  • Made in the

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