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LAN and WiFi IoT controller

Designed for door contacts, PIR motion detectors or smoke (gas) detectors with a dry contact output.


Ethernet / WIFI connection


SD-2xIn is a device for connecting to the Portal door contacts, PIR motion detectors or smoke (gas) detectors with a dry contact output. 2x DI (Digital Input) on the SD-2xIn device allows connecting 2 external independent detectors. Each DI can also count S0 pulses, so even Water / Gas / Electricity meters with pulse outputs can be connected.

For device configuration (WiFi network setup) can be used a built-in web server, but generally no on-site device configuration requires. The device is connected to the Portal (SensDesk Technology). From the portal are data accessible on the Mobile Apps (SensDeskMobile or HWg Monitor).


If the device is correctly configured in the SensDesk portal, it can send an e-mail alert whenever the specified range of values is exceeded. If you also use our SMS-GW3 together with the portal, the alerts can be also sent as text messages (SMS).  

Applications and usage: 

  • Remote monitoring of simple detectors (door contact, smoke, power)

  • Connecting 3rd party devices to the Portal (via relay outputs)

  • Metering water consumption (meter with S0 pulse output)

  • Metering electricity (kWh) consumption from meter with pulse output


  • 2 independent DI (Digital Inputs) which count pulses (S0 counter) to the Portal.

  • Device is connected to the portal via LAN / WiFi

  • Portal is mandatory (any SensDesk Technology based portal)

  • Portal services: Graphs, PDF reports, Email & SMS Alerting, SNMP, XML Open API

  • Default portal: (free service)

  • Power: Power adaptor (5V) or PoE

  • Metal housing, DIN and rack mount available

  • WiFi network setup: Embedded WEB server




Online Demo


Limited & Free portal

Paid portal service with advanced features

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