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IoT Portal monitoring in Warehouses and storage rooms

Efficient way to monitor temperature and humidity

Issue description: 

Warehouse operators need an efficient way to monitor temperature and humidity in their storage facilities and vehicles. You can also make sure your cargo is within the weight limit. In case of overheating, you can remotely control the air conditioner. Thanks to the SensDesk monitoring portal and HW group IoT devices, your storage facilities will now be safe and compliant to regulations.


  • is a web-based service for online remote monitoring and control of HW group sensors and devices.

  • You can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, digital inputs, voltage, current, energy consumption and many more. You can also remotely control your technology using outputs. 

  • The setup is quick and easy and our sensors can provide data over Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS, LTE or Narrowband IoT.


  • Remote monitoring
    Temperature, humidity, power consumption, intrusion, water detection, and many more

  • Event alerts
    Get alarms over SMS or e-mail and be sure you can respond to the event in time

  • Reports and graphs
    Generate automatic reports and access data history with just a click.

  • Remote output control
    Use conditions to automatically respond to alarms or control outputs manually.

  • User-friendly and reliable
    Easy for home users, robust, customizable and scalable for business.

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