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Data cabinet - 19”  monitoring over GSM and LAN

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Issue description: 

Independent rack monitoring over IP and GSM. Open door, high temperature or electricity outage is signaled by SMS to several phone numbers. E-mail and SNMP trap are also sent. It is possible to connect a horn (local alarm) or a fan (local cooling). The solution is designed for 19” cabinets.


  • Poseidon 4002 is connected to the Ethernet, directly generates e-mails

  • Configuration and control takes place over the built-in Web server

  • GSM modem is connected directly to Poseidon 4002 and sends SMS

  • Full SNMP compatibility, simple HWg-PDMS monitoring software for Windows is available free of charge

  • Magnetic door contact, it is also possible to connect a humidity detector or a water flood detector

  • The PowerEgg unit monitors the 110/230V supply and can remotely switch on/off the power to a server or an A/C unit


  • Multiple alarm types – text message (SMS), e-mail, dialing a number, horn

  • Logging of temperature and humidity, many other functions

  • One-off purchase only, no hidden fees/recurring costs

  • Standard 3-year warranty and full technical support

  • Certification options

  • Low price

  • Robust solution

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