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Standalone monitoring solutions

Environment, building equipment, industrial sites and ITsystems, as well as utilities, need to monitor their environment and operational conditions reliably and efficiently. An overview of selected variables such as temperature, pressure, dew point, lighting level, air quality, machine operation or vibration, provide a comprehensive picture of the state of the equipment and enable the operator to respond appropriately.


Professional monitoring portal

software solution

Portals based on SensDesk Technology offer a central overview of all the measured values, thanks to the user-friendly dashboards
you can immediately identify a critical sensor value. Thanks to the variability of the service, the SensDesk Technology is suitable
for end-users with few sensors as well as for project installations with hundreds of devices

free service-oriented portal with limited functions is an on-line service (portal] from the HW group company to operate and manage remote sensors and devices. Only sensors and devices from the HW group company can be connected. The service is free of charge.

Portal IoT monitoring

The portal monitoring handles all the monitoring you need. It allows you to remotely upgrade your devices, identify
problems, perform mass operations and manage your entire IoT network. SensDesk Technology will give you the best tools to analyze your measured values so you can rely on your data. You will always be alerted on time in case of a problem. You can also get periodical reports to make sure that you are compliant with regulations

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All sensors in your pocket

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All monitored sensors / locations in your pocket

Select your own Favorite sensors for fast orientation
HWg Monitor: Zoom the screen as you wish
HWg Monitor: On the WiFi connectivity you can see all local devices / sensors
HWg Monitor Several user accounts / locations can be shown in one application

Water Leak Detection solution

We offer several solutions that provide control for flood and water leak detection. Water Leak Detector system devices use a sensing cable that detects water presence along the entire cable length. :

abstrakt Surface

WLD (Water Leak Detection) with Sensing cable versus Spot water detection

Early Water Detection is essential in a lot of businesses, for example, data centers, industrial sites, offices, hotels, residential buildings, and more. With the right detection of water and early alert, costly damages can be avoided. HW group offers several products that provide ideal solutions for spot water detection and water leak detection (WLD) and that are developed to protect your facility against any water damage that might threaten you.

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