Sensors / Detectors / Converters

The SENSORS connect to the RJ11 port (1-Wire) or RJ45 port (RS-485) on the HW group monitoring device. The sensors provide a continuous value of, for example, -23.4 ° C or 32.7% RH. Device monitoring (SensDesk) can monitor the safe range of values and send an email or SMS alert when changing outside the value range. You can use sensors from the HW group only.
The Detectors you connect to a DI input (green connector), providing a value of 0/1. A typical example is a smoke detector with a relay output or a door opening detector (door open/closed). The monitoring device (SensDesk) can monitor the switching to the alarm value and send an e-mail or SMS alarm. You can connect detectors with relay output from any manufacturer to the HW group's monitoring device's DI input.
The Converters and Expanders allow you to connect other types of buses or interfaces to standard monitoring HW group devices. The output can be a continuous value, an extension of the number of DI inputs or DO outputs. The number of values provided indicator defines how many continuous values the converter provides to RJ11 1-Wire UNI. A particular case of the "Converter" is M-Bus sensors

Temperature & Humidity sensors