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Hwg SD-2x1Wire Tset

Hwg SD-2x1Wire Tset

4 sensor values to the portal (LAN and WiFi)


The SD-2xIn is IoT monitoring device connecting to the Portal external RJ11 sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Light, CO2, VOC, …). The device is simple to install on the site.

External RJ11 (1-Wire UNI) sensors from HW group can be connected to 2 RJ11 ports. Sensors are powered from the device. Metered values are periodically sent to the user account of the Portal (SensDesk Technology). The SD-2x1Wire device and the portal are products of the HW group and are seamlessly integrated.  

The SD device is powered by an external power supply 5V or by PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The SD-2x1Wire is IoT Monitoring device = Portal service is required.
Free portal service ( for up to 20 devices available. Paid portal service from several providers available (any SensDesk Technology portal).


User benefits

  • Wide portfolio of compatible RJ11 sensors from HW group.
  • Device installation on the site is fast & easy even for “Junior users”.
  • Portal will alert you by email (SMS, Voice Call) if the sensor value is out of the Safe Range.
  • Free cloud available ( with graphs and device management.
  • Device Invalid Alert: Portal can alert users when the device is not powered or not responding for 1 hour.
  • HWg Monitor mobile App can show you all sensor values in your portal account.
  • SMS, Voice call alerts, or Multigraphs & PDF reports can be used with paid portal services.
  • 2x RJ11 port for external sensors (Temperature, Voltage, Current, and many other)
  • 4 sensor values to the Portal
  • Connectivity: Ethernet and WiFi
  • Portal for device management is mandatory ( as default)
  • Free portal service ( for up to 20 devices available
  • Paid portal services available (any SensDesk Technology portal)
  • Power: External adaptor 5V / PoE
  • Metal housing, DIN and rack mount available
  • Simple installation: DHCP, enabled
  • Embedded WEB server (WiFi setup, portal configuration)

Hwg SD-2x1Wire Tset

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