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LAN and WiFi IoT controller

Designed for thermometers, humidity sensors monitoring


Ethernet / WIFI connection


SD-2x1Wire is a device for connecting thermometers, humidity sensors, or other sensors via the 1-Wire bus. The device allows connecting four sensors with the 1-Wire or 1-Wire UNI bus. 

For configuration, SD-2x1Wire features a built-in web server and WiFi connectivity. The device can be monitored remotely over the Internet using the free SensDesk portal and the SensDeskMobile app. 


If the device is correctly configured in the SensDesk portal, it can send an e-mail alert whenever the specified range of values is exceeded. If you also use our SMS-GW3 together with the portal, the alerts can be also sent as text messages (SMS). 

Applications and usage: 

  • Remote locations temperature monitoring

  • RMS (Remote Monitoring System) for Temperature / Humidity / Water & others

  •  Temperature monitoring / Air Conditioning failure detection

  • Construction sites: Temperature / Humidity / Water detection remote monitoring

  • HVAC monitoring/optimization

  • Food production/storage

  • Pharmaceutical production /storage

  •  LAN / WiFi Thermometer


  • Wired Ethernet as well as WiFi - 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)

  • Support for simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi operation (for easy setup)

  • 5V or PoE power

  • Simple installation, supports DHCP

  • Embedded WEB server

  • Security protected with a password

  • Support for the SensDesk portal





Limited & Free portal

Paid portal service with advanced features

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