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SD 4-20mA

LAN and WiFi IoT controller

Designed for common industrial analog probes (sensors)


Ethernet / WIFI connection


The SD-4-20mA is remote monitoring unit with 1x AI (Analog Input) for external 4-20mA / 0-20mA probe. External 4-20mA probe is powered from the device.

The device is powered by an external power supply of 5V or from PoE. The LAN connectivity can be provided by Ethernet or WiFi.

The SD-4-20mA is IoT monitoring kind of product from HW group. It means it have to be connected to the portal (SensDesk Technology based).

  • Default portal service is (free of charge portal by manufacturer, up to 20 devices per user account).
    Device can be migrated to any other SensDesk Technology portal (even on premise installation on the local network).

  • is paid portal service

Applications and usage: 

  • AI (Analog Input) to connect special industrial analog probes (sensor) to the portal

  • Connecting 4-20mA probe for: Liquid level monitoring in Diesel/Water tanks

  • Connecting 4-20mA probe for: Water pH / pressure / level probes

  • Industrial applications


  • Analog Input can be reconfigured from 4-20 mA (default) to 0-20 mA

  • Connectivity: Ethernet and WiFi

  • Power: External adaptor 5V / PoE

  • Simple installation: DHCP, enabled

  • Embedded WEB server (WiFi setup, current loop 4-20 mA configuration)

  • Fast & simple installation on the site “just click & go”

  • Portal for device management required ( as default)

  • Free portal service ( for up to 20 devices available

  • Paid portal services available (any SensDesk Technology portal)

  • Metal housing, DIN and rack mount available


Limited & Free portal

Paid portal service with advanced features

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