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Professional data center monitoring

Reliable Monitoring for your Business

Our company provides wide range of IP monitoring products, sensors,  designed for Environment monitoring, building equipment control, industrial sites monitoring and ITsystems security. In our porfilio you can find different sensors and all data can be monitored over our monitoring SNMP cloud or off line software.

Explore the Temperature&Humidity  monitoring solution

Choose from wide range of IP monitoring devices with temperature sensors range -50 to +200°C

Temperature & Humidity monitoring

Water detection under raised floors, Leaky pipe detection, Protection against floods from skylights, Detection of water leaks in drip trays, Detection of water leaks under air-conditioning outlets

Remote monitoring in IT environments, Connects to any SNMP system, Temperature monitoring at several places, Cooler, freezer, UPS monitoring, Surveillance systems

Remote equipment monitoring, Smart buildings, UPS monitoring, Security and surveillance systems, Alarm indication, Connecting external inputs to SCADA systems

On-line or Off-line software provides central overview of all the values, provides sending the alarms, reporting, outputs

Ideal solution for outdoor and mobile IoT applications for remote monitoring and alarming over LTE/ GSM network for locations without LAN access

Our Areas of Expertise

Where We Can Help

we specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of IoT, remote monitoring and control solutions. We provide complete monitoring and I/O control solution.

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IoT monitoring
Stand Alone Monitoring
Access control
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What Makes Us Different?

Our IP monitoring solutions are easy to install and easy to use in your daily business

  • all our solutions and products are IT friendly

  • with our products you can always start with something small and simple, later expand it.

  • we offer products for high added value services, typically unique on the market

  • all our IP Sensors can be connected to any software

  • you will receieve complete solution - sensors, monitoring units, software

IoT monitoring portal


Mobile App software

SensDesk Mobile is Android application used to display all your sensors on the screen of mobile device.



Free of charge On-line service portal, designed to operate and manage remote sensors and devices - up to 20 sensors

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On-line/Off-line software portal

Its an on-line service from the HW group to manage remote sensors and devices. The service offers a central overview of all the values, provides sending the alarms, reporting.

  • Key Features:

    • Device Management: Administer and manage HW group devices remotely.

    • Graphs and Historical Data: View sensor data graphs for up to 2 years.

    • Alerts and Notifications: Receive email alerts and voice calls for critical events.

    • Integration and APIs: Access data programmatically via an Open API.

    • Subscription Plans: Choose from different pricing tiers.

    • Supported Sensors: Works with over 70 sensor types.

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