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Remote location temperature monitoring with email alerts.


STE2 LITE is a simple-to-use LAN & WiFi thermometer for remote locations measurement. Whenever a temperature exceeds the specified range an e-mail notification is sent. With external SMS-GW-LTE or Portal service it can also alert you with an SMS or Voice call. 


Even though there is only one RJ11 port, STE2 LITE can monitor up to 4 sensor values from external sensors (Relative Humidity, CO2, VoC, 4-20mA and others).  Several RJ11 sensors can be daisy-chained. Also one physical sensor can measure several values (°C + %RH = 2 values).


The STE2 LITE package includes Temp-1Wire 1m temperature sensor and a 5V international power adaptor.




  • Connectivity: LAN, WiFi
  • 1x RJ11 port (1W-UNI) up to 4 sensor values
  • Temperature sensor 1m included in the retail package
  • Power adapter (International = EU, UK, US) included in the retail package
  • SMS messages & Voice Calls available with SMS-GW (external device) or Portal usage
  • Product features: HTTPs (customer certificate), Open API (SNMP, XML)
  • Standalone Monitoring product (Portal is just an option)
  • Default portal (optional): (free service)
  • Compatible portals: SensDesk Technology
  • Mobile App: HWg Monitor (LAN or Portal)



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