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STE2 PLUS SMS-GW: Bundle of LAN & WEB thermometer with LTE GW for SMS and Call alerts

STE2 PLUS SMS-GW is a bundle package of STE2 PLUS monitoring unit and LTE version of SMS gateway for SMS and Call alerting.

  • To STE2 PLUS can connect up to 15 external sensors to 2x RJ11 ports. LAN & WiFi monitoring device STE2 PLUS is a professional product with HTTPS custom certificates, SNMPv3, SNMP Traps and IPv6.

  • The SMS-GW3 LTE is a central gateway that allows to HWg devices or SensDesk portals to send text messages (SMS) and make voice calls alerts.

This bundle package with 2 devices is a cost effective way to build a remote monitoring installation with SMS / Call alerts included even without the Portal. SMS GW device can be used by other HWg devices as central point to transmit SMS & Calls even from other HWg devices.


  • STE2 PLUS thermometer included (LAN / WiFi)

  • Temperature sensor (IP67 - 3m) included in the retail package

  • SMS-GW3 LTE gateway included with external antenna

  • 2x wall plug power adaptor (International = EU, UK, US)

  • SMS/Calls GW for all HWg devices (RME)

  • SMS/Calls GW for any SNMP based software (NAGIOS for example)

Applications and usage: 

  • Remote technical rooms monitoring

  • SNMP / Email alerting with GW for SMS / Calls included.

  • Remote monitoring of refrigerator or freezer (alert when refrigerator fails, logging of operating and storage conditions)

  • Single SMS gateway for the entire network (other HWg devices) with an easy-to-use web-based configuration

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