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Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring products can be used independently or connected to the portal. Devices or Portal are sending emails, can be connected via SNMP to NMS (Network Monitoring System). Standalone products are multi-purpose, device configuration is more complex and connecting the product to the portal is simple and provides many advantages. Each solution has got many advantages and is designed for different needs based on your projects.

Sandalone monitoring use the products with multi-purpose and device configuration is more complex. It is designed for experts.

The connecting the product to the portal is only one of the functions and standalone mointoring can work independetly.

  • Device WEB server for configuration

  • Devices are sending the email by themselves (standalone)

  • Devices can be connected to several monitoring systems by SNMP, XML, others...

  • There is no mandatory central system.

  • The device can (but not have to) be connected to SensDesk or another portal.

Standalone monitoring All.png

Standalone monitoring


IoT Monitoring (portal)

IoT Monitoring are very simple (single-purpose) products. Installation is easy, connect to the LAN, plug the power supply (insert battery) and stick it to the wall. IoT Monitoring products have to be connected to the portal ( for free or any SensDesk Technology portal from Portal.

Portals based on SensDesk Technology offer a central overview of all the measured values, thanks to the user-friendly dashboards
you can immediately identify a critical sensor value. Thanks to the variability of the service, the SensDesk Technology is suitable
for end-users with few sensors as well as for project installations with hundreds of device

IoT monitoring.png
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