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Standalone monitoring

Standalone Monitoring products can be used independently (portal is not required). Devices are sending emails, can be connected via SNMP to NMS (Network Monitoring System). Standalone products are multi-purpose, device configuration is more complex and connecting the product to the portal is only one
of the functions. Using a central portal does not limit the sending of alarms from the devices and other
standalone functions.

Sandalone monitoring use the products with multi-purpose and device configuration is more complex. It is designed for experts.

The connecting the product to the portal is only one of the functions and standalone mointoring can work independetly.

  • Device WEB server for configuration

  • Devices are sending the email by themselves (standalone)

  • Devices can be connected to several monitoring systems by SNMP, XML, others...

  • There is no mandatory central system.

  • The device can (but not have to) be connected to SensDesk or another portal.

Standalone monitoring All.png

Datacenter environment monitoring


To monitor the premises, a feature-complete device of the Poseidon family is the best choice. Our solution  provides the maximum number of supported sensors and detectors, as well as a wide range of connection options and supported communication and security protocols.

  • Up to 12 temperature/humidity sensors with the 1-Wire bus

  • Up to 24 temperature/humidity sensors with the RS-485 bus

  • 12 digital inputs, including for third-party detectors, 4 digital outputs

  • Water-sensing cable can be connected

  • Communication using SNMP, MQTT...

  • Alarms via SMS, e-mail, SNMP Trap, relay activation


Datacenter and data cabinet access control systems

Our  solution can be used to implement the access control system in data center. The master HWg-DCD software is used to manage the system and control its components. It also stores the settings and the user database. In case of a higher number of cabinets, the master access control unit is used with a several extension unit to control more doors. This reduces the cost of the complete solution.

  • Keeping track of who and when accessed each particular room/cabinet

  • Data are stored in the SW

  • For offline operation, data are also stored in the SH4 units

  • Access management over the Web or using special SW


Warehouses & Storage rooms

Temperature monitoring on industrial site, including hall environment and selected processes. There is needed to consider:

  • Sensor and signal transmission reliability

  • choice of different temperature range of each sensor

  • construction variability,

One ethernet connected device Poseidon2 4002 can serve up to 26 temperature probes of environments and processes with total bus length to 1200m. We alsoprovide temperature monitoring solution of large warehouses. Combining RS485 bus and 1wire sensors can set up to 42 probes into monitoring network.

  • High scalability of sensors (temperature, construction, producer, costs)

  • High reliability of data transmission

  • Quick and easy fault detection

  • Remote access to monitoring data and alerts

Energy monitoring.png

Remote consumption monitoring and collecting data system

Connecting electricity, gas or water meters to the Ethernet and reading values over the SNMP or Modbus/TCP protocols.

  • Electricity consumption monitoring for datacenters

  • S0 to SNMP conversion

  • S0 to Modbus/TCP conversion (most SCADA systems)

  • Energy consumption monitoring

  • Digital pulse counter

Benefits of our solution

  • For usage with existing electricity meters with S0 pulse generator

  • Compatible with ell S0 electricity/gas/water meters 

  • Software HWg-PDMS converts pulses to  [kWh] / [m3] / [l] and analyse consumption periodicaly

  • More models of Damocles with 4, 12 or 24 DI available 

LTE_GPRS MonitoringL.jpg

SMS & Email temperature monitoring over 2G/3G network

Temperature is monitored with a 2G/ 3G/ LTE network thermometer. SMS (text message) alert can be delivered to different 5 recipients. The Ares12 monitoring unit is also capable of sending alerts as standard E-mail through its GPRS data connection. Temperature alert can be sent whenever the temperature is too high or too low.

  • Thermometer with an external power adaptor and an internal battery that provides several hours of backup.

  • Outdoor temperature is measured with a stainless-steel probe.

  • Alert email or temperature text message (SMS) contains the name and the value of the sensor

  • E-mail and SMS alerts are sent independently for each sensor.

  • E-mail or text message temperature alarm can be periodically repeated until the temperature is back to normal.


Telecommunication - BTS stations and Technology

A water leak from a plumbing installation (water pipes, WC, heating) can cause very costly damages. The same problems can be caused by a fire, e.g. from a cigarette butt. Therefore, a solution is needed to quickly alert to an emerging problem and prevent a disaster (e.g. by activating a sprinkler).

WLD2 device supports 4 independent WLD detection
zones. You will get notifications of the first drops of
water from each zone.

  • WLD sensing (liquid detection) cable can be bent and twisted without causing false alarms

  • WLD2 is galvanically isolated from the power supply. There are no false alarms, even with very long detection zones.

  • WLD sensing cable can be used on metal floors

  • We offer WLD sensing cables: 2 m / 10 m / 50 m

  • The WLD sensing cable can be extended with non-sensing cable based on your needs

  • WLD2 device will indicate interruption and of WLD sensing cable within seconds

STE2R2 Temperature_water leakL.jpg

Temperature and Water Leak monitoring in buildings

A complete solution can consist of a minitoring unit with a Water Leak Detection WLD Relay unit and a FDR-12 smoke detector. System can provide different alerts as  SMS (text message) alerting is requested and ring tones up to 5 different numbers.

  • Multiple alarm types – text message (SMS), e-mail, dialing a number, horn

  • Logging of temperature and humidity, many other functions

  • One-off purchase only, no hidden fees/recurring costs

  • Standard 3-year warranty and full technical support

  • Certification options


Mobile App - All sensors in your pocket

Alerting to you mobile phone can be realized from any paid SensDesk Technology portal even without
mobile App(s).

  • All monitored sensors / locations in your pocket

  • Select your own Favorite sensors for fast orientation

  • HWg Monitor: Zoom the screen as you wish

  • HWg Monitor: On the WiFi connectivity you can see all local devices / sensors

  • HWg Monitor Several user accounts / locations can be shown in one application

2G/3G Monitoring solution Video

HWg-Ares 12 set is GSM/GPRS thermometer with SMS & Email alerts. This video show how easy it is to setup and use this device.

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