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Netio PowerCable 2PZ

PowerCable 2PZ


PowerCable 2PZ is flat PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with dual power output. It's LAN or WiFi connected PDU for remote power control (remote restarting) of TV, screens, multimedia playesrs or other AV or IT devices. There are 2 power outputs (110/230V max 16A) available on terminal blocks. 


NETIO PowerCable 2PZ is flat PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with LAN connectivity using a RJ45 (Ethernet) or WiFi. Both power outputs can be individually switched On/Off (restarted) on the device website, from Mobile App or NETIO Cloud (web service).

PowerCable 2PZ we call “flat PDU” because can be installed behind TV, under double ceiling or to similar limited space. PowerCable 2PZ is delivered without power cables, user have to install power input and 1 or 2 power output cables to the terminal block inside plastic housing with using screw driver.


PowerCable 2PZ PDU supports Ping WatchDog and week-based Scheduler feature.


Open API enables integration into third-party systems using a wide range of protocols (JSON, Modbus/TCP, XML, SNMP, MQTT, Telnet, ..).


With the NETIO Cloud service, the output(s) can be switched On/Off from anywhere. The NETIO Cloud service, provided for a fee, uses SSL/TLS security and servers in Europe.

Mobile App "NETIO Mobile 2" can be used for remote contol on the same LAN or via NETIO Cloud.


AV drivers make it easy to connect NETIO sockets to professional Audio/Video control systems such as RTI, ELAN, SAVANT, BrightSign, Crestron, Control4 etc.



Typical applications

  • The PowerCable 2PZ LAN/WiFi PDU is typically used for remote restarting.
  • Each output can be switched on/off or power-cycled (short-off) from the device web interface or the NETIO Cloud service.
  • Controlling the outputs using Open API (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, ...)
  • Integration with various third-party programs and applications.
  • Controlling the device from the NETIO Mobile 2 (LAN or NETIO Cloud).
  • The NETIO Cloud service, provided for a fee, enables central control of outputs of multiple devices in various locations.

>> NETIO usage examples

Netio PowerCable 2PZ

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