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Hwg software is an on-line service (portal] from the HW group company to operate and manage remote sensors and devices. Only sensors and devices from the HW group company can be connected. The service is free of charge.


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Basic properties

  • More than 30 different monitoring devices can be connected to the service.
    • Product families: Poseidon, Damocles, Ares
    • STE2, STE, WLD2
    • IP WatchDog, HWg-PWR
    • IoT Monitoring: SD-xx, NB-xx
  • The supports more than 50 different sensors and detectors:
    • Measuring the temperature, humidity, voltage, CO2, VoC, lighting
    • Detecting the smoke, open doors, availability of power supply via DI inputs
    • Inputs for industrial sensors 4-20 mA
    • M-Bus meters for the consumption of heat, gas, water, electricity
    • Pulse counters for measuring water consumption
    • The number of Sensors, DI and DO is limited by the capacity of connected devices only
    • The portal displays graphs of sensors’ values
    • The portal displays a graph of the status of DI (Digital Inputs) over time
    • From the portal, DO (Digital Outputs, e.g. relays) of the device can be controlled by clicking

Hwg software

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