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Water Leak Detector reliable solution with LAN / WiFi

We provide a full WiFi / Ethernet water leak detector system with support for WWW, SNMP, e-mails, and PoE. Alarms are triggered by even the smallest volumes of liquids that touch the Water Leak Detection (WLD) hight quality sensing cable anywhere along the entire length of the cable, such as condensation from A/C pipes or water leaks in general.

Based on the alarm status the system You will receive alarms before costly damages occur. In addition to water alerts, the device also detects disconnected or damaged sensing cables for increased reliability.

Our system supports up to 4 zone creation, the zone inputs for external WLD detecting cables can be connected to the WLD to help locate the leak more accurately. A different phone number can be called for each zone.

Thanks to WiFi connectivity, the WLD water leak detector can be installed in remote places. In case of flooding, it can send an alert via e-mail, SNMP trap, or the SensDesk cloud. With an external SMS gateway by HW group, it can send a text message or dial a phone number. Of course, in critical applications, it can also communicate via wired Ethernet and can be powered with PoE.

WLD2 can be connected to the cloud monitoring software called SensDesk portal, as well as to standard monitoring systems thanks to SNMP and SNMP Trap support.

Portals offer a central overview of all the values, long-time reliable alerting , and provide a variable combination of other extra features like PDF reporting, graphs, history records, outputs into the Open API, etc.

Water occurrence can be also signaled by switching a remote output (e.g. to start a siren) over the network (Box-2-Box mode with a Poseidon2 or Damocles2 unit), independently for each sensing cable. SensDesk Technology completes the HWg monitoring Ecosystem (sensors + devices + SensDesk Technology portal) and gets you long-term reliable alertsgraphsPDF reports, open APIremote device management, etc.

The right Water Detection and early alert are essential in a lot of businesses, for example, data centers, etc. Water Leak Detection System from HW group is a complex solution developed to protect your facility against costly water damage that might threaten you.

Water Leak Detection uses a sensing cable that detects water along the entire cable length and a WLD device (WLD2 / NB-WLD / ...) that can communicate an alarm in case of water occurrence (a few drops anywhere on the cable is enough). With the HWg monitoring eco-system (sensors + devices + SensDesk Technology portal), you get long-term reliable alerts, graphs, PDF reports, open API, remote device management, etc.

Water Leak Detection Cables and prolong cables

In Contrast to Water Leak detection with WLD sensing cable, there is Spot water detection with a Flood sensor that detects water in 1 spot (the detector has to be entirely flooded). This is a cheap but not reliable solution for water detection.

Video Flyer about Water Leak Detection system and it's components

Mobile Apps

here are two available Mobile Apps to display the portals, HWg Monitor and SensDesk Mobile.

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