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New Product family - Perseus Monitoring system

Perseus is an evolution, revolution and a transition

The Perseus is full third party meter support device that supports Modbus RTU, SNMP, XML protocols. The system has got ability to write data to meters. Can be connected over Ethernet or LTE network based on availability. It provides direct input for Water Leak Detection cables, 4-20mA loop for any devices , dual power wiring, Calendar, Scheduler, Advanced alarming with conditions. System also focus on Security - HTTPS, Radius, Secure Boot, User's rights support. It creates tailored solution for high demand applications LUA Scripting and custom meter templates

  1. Purpose:

Product Variants:

  • Perseus is divided into three groups:

  • Monitoring: Comprehensive 1U solution for 19" rack monitoring systems (e.g., data centers, AV installations).

  • Energy: Specific features related to energy monitoring.

  • Industry: Tailored for industrial applications


Full support for 3rd party meters

  • Specialized sensors

  • High precision, special mounting

  • Sensors with display

  • Reliable/ cheaper / more suitable sensorst

  • Existing sensor installations

SNMP / ModBus meters support

SNMP and ModBus devices can now act as meters for the Perseus units.Those can be industrial machines and datacenter devices, not only sensors (meters).

1)New datacenter solutions

Battery backup / UPS systems can be directly in Perseus. Critical parameters of network equipment can be directly monitored

2)New industrial solutions

Industrial machines and PLC’s with suitable output can now be monitored. Running times, running parameters, effectivity, manufacturing capacity

3)Other HW group (and not only HW group) units can now act as meters

This brings new topology possibilities and allows all the data to meet in one unit

4)Any SNMP or Modbus unit can provide data for the Perseus and also be controlled by it

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