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Water Leak Detection

with Sensing cable versus Spot water detection

Sensing cables

Water Leak detectors



WLD (Water Leak Detection) with Sensing cable versus Spot water detection

Early Water Detection is essential in a lot of businesses, for example, data centers, industrial sites, offices, hotels, residential buildings, and more. With the right detection of water and early alert, costly damages can be avoided.

Water Leak Detection with Sensing cable

WLD sensing cable detects liquid along the entire length of the sensing cable and even the smallest amount of liquid can send the alert.

  • s water across the extent area

  • Detects the first few drops of water, reaction time is 1-5 minutes

  • High installation costs 500-5000 Eur

Spot water Detection

Flood detectors for water detection monitor water presence at one predetermined spot. 

(how many SMSs, PDF, ...) not device limit only

  • Detects water in 1 point only

  • Has to be entirely flooded, reaction time is long and the alarm is delayed

  • Cost-effective installation and sensor

Collection Data software & alerting system

We provide Free Online service (portal]  to operate and manage remote sensors and devices from your water sensing cables and water leak devices. Designed for PC or Mobile users.

Alerts : SNMP, EMails, SMS, Ring tones up to 5 different numbers,

Sensing cables types & Componets

Water Sensing cable is supplied in length from 2m to 50m and can be prolonged up to 185 meters/zone in total. The sensing cable can be extended by non-sensing WLD prolong cable A. Terminator is required at the end of the zone (included in the Connection cable). Read more

Water Leak Detectors

HWg-Trigger is a Windows software utility that alerts to a failed device (out of 10 listed), starts applications, or redirects alarms to text messages (SMS). An action (e.g. displaying a pop-up message) can be assigned to each condition.

HWg-Config / UDP Config

The HWg-Config utility assign IP addresses to all HW group network devices. It searches network, find devices, show their unique MAC address and enables you to setup IP, MASK and GW of network devices.

HWg monitor

Mobile application for displaying current values from the Sensdesk portal or any SensDesk portals (,, etc) and for devices from the standalone monitoring group.

SensDesk Mobile

SensDesk Mobile is Android application used to display all your sensors on the screen of mobile device. Connect your IP sensors from HW group to the online portal

HWg Calibrator

The HW calibrator is used to set the shift calibration for sensors in devices connected via Poseidon units.

HWg Upgrader

Application HWg-Upgrader allows mass firmware update/upgrade and configuration of HWg devices via Ethernet.

New Cloud base service




SensDesk Technology portals allow customers conveniently monitor the
environment in remote locations. Thanks to immediate alerting SensDesk Technology helps prevent costly damages from incidents that can occur in every facility.

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