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LAN and WiFi thermometer for remote monitoring


Ethernet / WIFI connection

STE2 r2 is Standalone Monitoring device, which means the device can be fully configured via the web, can send emails itself (SMTP server), supports SNMP, etc.

STE2 r2 can connect up to 5 Sensors (5 sensor values) via 2x RJ11 port (1-Wire & 1-Wire UNI) and up to 2 Detectors via DI (Digital Inputs) for dry contacts.

A built-in web server is used for device configuration. STE2 r2 is a device with SNMP support designated for remote monitoring Temperature, Relative Humidity, and other external sensors.

The device can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi. When the measured temperature (humidity, voltage, ..) on the external sensor(s) exceeds the defined Min-Max range (Safe Range), STE2 r2 sends an email alert ( or SMS, or Voice Call). In the device configuration, there is the Alarms tab, where you can define up to 3 sets of targets and assign them to individual sensors.

Applications and usage: 

  • Air conditioning failure detection

  • Monitoring of refrigerator or freezers

  • Drug storage + reports (by SensDesk)

  • Food storage

  • Remote industrial environment monitoring

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

  • CO2 monitoring

  • Water Flood detection (spot detection / Water Leak Detection sensing cable)

  • Electrical current monitoring


  • Up to 5 sensors (1-Wire + 1-Wire UNI) and 2 DI (Digital Inputs) for Detectors

  • Alarm alerts by e-mail and text messages (SMS), STE2 r2 includes the option to dial the target number (requires external gateway)

  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP, XML, WWW interface with HTTP(s)

  • Connected via LAN and WiFi (built-in antenna) - simultaneous connection possible.

  • NMS connectivity (SNMP MIB); simple installation; supports DHCP; supports TLS authentication (Gmail).

  • A sensor or DI alarm sends an alert by e-mail, SMS or Ring.For Ring or SMS alarm use the HWg-SMS-GW3 gateway in the same LAN.

  • SensDesk portal compatible device (IoT projects)

  • Powered from included external 5V power adaptor or PoE.

  • With the enclosed HWg-PDMS software, logged data can be exported to MS Excel.

  • Compatible with a range of third party SW. Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more).




Online demo


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