NETIO 4 is smart power socket (smart power strip) with four 230V/8A sockets, connected to LAN and WiFi. Each of the four power sockets can be individually switched on/off using various M2M API protocols. NETIO 4 is a unique product designed for IT, industry, smart homes, multimedia installations and other applications. Use the product whenever you need 230V sockets controlled by a mobile app, by a computer program (via M2M API) or by a custom script (Lua), and featuring a timer (Scheduler) or auto reboot functionality (IP WatchDog). 

NETIO 4 Applications

Customers use NETIO 4 smart sockets mainly in B2B scenarios.
  • For example to control lighting, turn on amplifiers, or in multimedia applications.
  • NETIO 4, when used as a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) in a 19" cabinet, can restart servers or routers.
  • NETIO 4, when used as a WiFi-controlled power strip, can turn on air-conditioning, a vending machine, etc.
  • NETIO 4 smart socket devices support a wide range of M2M API protocols for communication with central software systems.

NETIO PowerCable IQRF 901x is a smart power extension cable that communicates over the IQRF LPWAN network (868 MHz).


The 230V/16A electrical socket features accurate electricity metering (A, V, W, TPF, kWh, Hz) and can be switched on and off with full IQRF Interoperable support.


NETIO PowerCable Modbus 101x is a smart WiFi power socket by NETIO products.


The output smart power outlet can be turned on/off over a web interface. The web interface also shows measured electrical quantities (V, A, kWh, W, Hz, TruePF). 


NETIO PowerPDU 4C is a small 110/230V PDU (Power Distribution Unit). Each of the four IEC-320 C13 outlets can be independently controlled (On / Off / Reset / Toggle).

Electrical parameters (A, W, kWh, TPF, V, Hz) are measured with high accuracy at each outlet.


NETIO 4All is the most feature-rich module with 4x 230V/8A remotely-controlled power sockets connected to LAN and WiFi. 

Each socket can be individually switched on/off and its electricity consumption metered.


NETIO 4  is a module with 4x 230V/8A remotely-controlled smart power sockets connected to LAN and WiFi.

Each socket can be remotely switched on/off.

NETIO 4 can be controlled remotely using many M2M API