HTemp-485 Box2
  • HTemp-485 Box2

    Combined temperature and humidity sensor for vertical wall mounting indoor usage. Communication over RS-485 bus with simple communication protocol. The sensor can be used separately or connected to Poseidon family units.


    • Temperature monitoring range -10°C až +70°C
    • Air humidity range 0 - 100%
    • Adress of probe can be set by sw or hw method
    • RS-485 bus provides range up to 1000 m
    • High energy efficiency, the Poseidon2 4002 can supply up to 4 sensors
    Applications and usage: 
    • Wide-range monitoring systems with number of measurement points
    • Smart buildings HVAC and environment monitoring
    • Independent monitoring of food and crop stores
    • Food manufacturing and processing
    • Temperature and humidity monitoring of medical material and pharmaceutical stores 
    • Environmental monitoring of residential areas 
    • Industrial monitoring and control
    • Connection to Poseidon unit– temperature monitoring over Ethernet/Internet
    • Connection to Poseidon unit – saving up to 100 000 logs into internal Flash memory.