30A Current probe 1W-UNI 2
  • 30A Current probe 1W-UNI 2

    30A Current probe 1W-UNI 2 is a sensor for indirect single-phase measurement of AC current up to 30A without cutting the wire. The split-core current transducer can be opened in order to insert a line wire. The sensor is suitable for monitoring power consumption of racks, BTS’s or server rooms. Sensor is suitable for Poseidon and, Ares product family.


    • Current range of the transducer: 0–30A
    • Measurement accuracy: 2%
    • Electrical isolation: The 1-Wire UNI bus is electrically isolated from the measured circuit.
    • A/D converter resolution: 16 bits
    • Display resolution: 0.1A
    • Measured voltage: max. 400V
    • Measurement without cutting the measured wire
    • Operating temperature/humidity: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F), RH < 80%
    • Storage temperature/humidity: -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F), RH < 70%
    • The length of lead wire between the transformer and converter: 1m


    Applications and usage: 
    • The current transducer (“CLAMP METER”) clamps around the line (L) or neutral (N) wire carrying the measured current.
    • The wire under measurement must be insulated!
    • The “CLAMP METER” and “Converter” must be connected using a double insulated wire.


    To insert the wire for measuring, unlock the clamp-on core and insert one live wire. Then, close the core and engage the lock.


    Note:              Inserting two or more wires makes the measurement impossible.
    The wire must lead freely through the core. Do not wrap the wire around the core.