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Environment monitoring in a greenhouse over GSM or LTE network

Farmers and producers often face the issue of effective environment monitoring in a greenhouse, growroom or barn. Uncontrolled environment may lead to any of the following problems:

  • Temperature too high/too low

  • Unauthorized entry

  • Watering problems

Monitoring over GSM Our Ares 10/12 products can provide an easy solution. The device solves all of the above problems, and more. It works over GSM/GPRS; no LAN connection is needed. It is possible to monitor temperature/humidity at multiple locations, connect detectors to digital inputs, and even control outputs using a relay module. In case of temperature rise, electricity outage or another problem, a text message (SMS) or e-mail alert is sent or a contact is activated.

  • Internal memory

  • Data collection software

  • Online portal

  • Standard warranty

  • Battery for back-up power

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