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Base Transceiver Station (BTS) monitoring

Infrastructure of mobile networks needs reliable monitoring of background technology of cooling, heating and building/site conditions. This solution describes some varieties of monitoring and alerting.

A mobile carrier operates a country-wide system of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). The BTS system is the part of a GSM network that is responsible for the reception and transmission of radio signals from mobile phones. A Base Transceiver Station is a general description of equipment consisting of the telecommunication technology and the air interface of the mobile network (GSM, UMTS etc.).

Issue description:

To achieve high reliability, the operating temperature must be kept stable. This is achieved with an air-conditioning (A/C) unit, usually located in the top part of the technology cabinet. However, AC units are expensive and there is still a risk of malfunction.

In addition, a back-up power supply must be ready to overcome any power failures. The customer also wants to be alerted if there is someone near the BTS.


Ares 10/12 is a suitable product for monitoring the temperature inside the cabinet and signaling an alarm if the temperature starts to rise. The product can detect A/C failures, or temperature changes as small as one degree.

Besides the Ares device for temperature monitoring, a complete solution can be deployed, including power back-up. It is necessary to purchase a UPS with sufficient capacity. BTS also frequently contain batteries. Therefore, a device capable of monitoring the UPS voltage and battery capacity is needed. The UPS 12 and 5V product provides a suitable solution. It can power smaller sensors if needed.

The Ares device can be complemented with a wide range of sensors, such as motion detectors. For example, the PIR JS-20 motion detector and door contacts.


  • Multiple alarm types – text message (SMS), e-mail, dialing a number, activating a relay

  • Logging of temperature and humidity, many other functions

  • One-off purchase only, no hidden fees/recurring costs

  • Standard 3-year warranty and full technical support

  • Motion detectors, door contacts

  • Battery status monitoring, back-up power supply activation

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