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Datacenter environment monitoring and access control systems

Comprehensive solution of environment monitoring and access control for data centres. The temperature and humidity monitoring can be extended to number of checkpoints and additional sensors.

Issue description:

A company operating a network of datacenters and server solutions needs to implement a suitable monitoring system. The company operates large datacenters as well as smaller premises, and also offers server housing services. In this sector, environment monitoring is a must; be it in a room or just in a particular cabinet.

Datacenters usually represent substantial investments that can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Damages in case of adverse events can be even higher due to the stored and managed content.

Potential risks: - Overheating of components with subsequent fire - Water flooding the room including the cabinets - Unauthorized person entering the premises, or loss of / tampering with data

The second requirement was to implement a suitable access control system to keep track of who and when entered the premises, and capable of assigning access rights to particular doors to individual technicians.

Both requirements of course include the option to connect the system to a custom SNMP SW.


To monitor the premises, a feature-complete device of the Poseidon family is the best choice. Poseidon2 4002 in particular provides the maximum number of supported sensors and detectors, as well as a wide range of connection options and supported communication and security protocols.

For smaller installations, Poseidon2 3266 can be a suitable choice. In case of doubt, please discuss your needs with us.

- Up to 12 temperature/humidity sensors with the 1-Wire bus - Up to 24 temperature/humidity sensors with the RS-485 bus - 12 digital inputs, including for third-party detectors, 4 digital outputs - Water-sensing cable can be connected - Communication using SNMP, MQTT... - Alarms via SMS, e-mail, SNMP Trap, relay activation

Access control

Our HWg-SH4 solution can be used to implement the access control system. The master HWg-DCD software is used to manage the system and control its components. It also stores the settings and the user database. In case of a higher number of cabinets, the master HWg-SH4 unit is used with a SH4e(s) extension unit to control more doors. This reduces the cost of the complete solution.

Features: - Keeping track of who and when accessed each particular room/cabinet - Data are stored in the SW - For offline operation, data are also stored in the SH4 units - Access management over the Web or using special SW - Operator can be alerted with a text message (SMS) whenever a door is open or whenever unauthorized access is detected

- Any handle or lock that supports the RS-232/Wiegand standard can be connected - Door contacts can be connected - One SH4 unit controls up to 16 doors - Online/offline mode - HWg-DCD2 software free of charge + mobile version

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