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NETIO 4All is a PDU module featuring four 230V/8A power sockets with consumption metering for each socket as well as LAN and WiFi connectivity. Each of the four sockets can be individually switched on/off over the Web or using various M2M API protocols. Electricity consumption (A, W, kWh) can be measured at each power socket. NETIO 4All smart sockets are designed for remote measurement and control of electrical sockets. Use the product whenever you need 230V sockets controlled by a mobile app, by a computer program (via M2M API) or by a custom script (Lua) that runs directly in the NETIO 4All smart socket device.

Many customers use NETIO 4All also as a WiFi AP (bridge), for switching individual electrical sockets on/off according to a time schedule (Scheduler function), or to provide “PING Heartbeat” or IP WatchDog functionality (remote reboot). 

Industrial / robust design

NETIO 4All smart sockets with WiFi / LAN are in a robust metal housing. 

Consumption metering for each electrical socket

It includes energy consumption metering functions. Each of the 4 sockets measures the current [A] and consumption [kWh]

Functions for ordinary IT users
  • Sockets can be controlled over the Web or with a mobile app (iOS / Android).

  • The switching of sockets can be time-controlled by the Scheduler with a graphical interface.

  • The IP WatchDog (automatic restart) function controls the 230V socket by detecting “ping” responses. It can be used to restart unresponsive servers, routers or microwave links.

ANxx (Application Notes) is a library of examples of using NETIO electrical sockets in various applications, connecting to third-party software, and so on.


As a unique advantage, individual electrical sockets of NETIO 4All smart socket devices can be controlled with a wide range of supported network protocols. These network protocols are called the M2M (Machine to Machine) API (Application Programming Interface).


NETIO 4All smart sockets support a high level of network security. The HTTPs protocol establishes a secure connection between the browser and the web server.

The third SNMP v3 generation offers higher security in comparison to previous SNMP versions. The MQTT protocol for IoT cloud applications includes SSL security. 

LAN / WiFi connectivity

NETIO 4All can be connected to a LAN via Ethernet (RJ45) or WiFi. NETIO 4All can also work as a WiFi AP (Access Point) to connect to a LAN via WiFi.

An advantage of NETIO 4All over NETIO 4 is an external WiFi antenna with a RSMA connector and a higher sensitivity (-3dBi). Thanks to the RSMA connector, the supplied “pigtail” antenna can be replaced with an external antenna to provide a better WiFi coverage.

Various electrical sockets

NETIO 4All smart electrical sockets are available in several versions. The smart sockets (or PDU – Power Distribution Unit) differ by the mechanical type of the electrical socket, as indicated in the model name: 

  • NETIO 4 DE version = type F sockets – Schuko (DE, IT, ES, NL, SE, FI and other countries)

  • NETIO 4 FR version = type E sockets (FR, CZ, SK, PL)


Lua – Programmable scripts

NETIO 4All smart sockets can run custom scripts. NETIO 4All supports the Lua scripting language. The script (or several scripts), entered by the user via the www interface, run directly in the smart socket device. The scripts are written in the web interface. A library of sample scripts is being prepared as NETIO Application Notes. Lua scripts can switch sockets on/off and measure consumption. Typical applications include switching a socket off at a specified time or according to consumption.

User Lua scripts can also:

  • Send e-mails

  • Send and receive icmp ping

  • Download and parse XML files from other devices (from a given IP address)

  • Receive http get requests (CGI scripts)


NETIO 4All applications

  • A typical application of NETIO 4All electrical sockets is to measure electricity consumption at each socket and react to this consumption.

  • Remote electricity consumption monitoring over M2M API (e.g. SNMP software for datacenters)

  • HVAC monitoring, turning on additional cooling if air-conditioning fails

  • Controlling and metering sockets from a custom B2B application

  • NETIO 4All, when used as a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) in a 19" rack, can analyze long-term power usage effectiveness (PUE), or restart unresponsive servers/routers

  • NETIO 4All, when used as a WiFi-controlled power strip, can turn on vending machines